Monday, April 21, 2014

What is Art

When I was little I thought art was a perfectly drawn picture (hmmm what does that really mean?).  I was not an artist (at least in my mind) and was continually encouraged by my art teacher to keep working at it.  There was no room for the word can't in his classroom.  To this day I have a large clown charcoal drawing I completed, which at the time I felt was the perfect picture I had dreamed of.  My view on art has changed and with this digital storytelling course is already changing again.

As a parent I now see art in anything my childern create.  In their younger years it was a smear of paint across a piece of paper, in Kindergarten it was the flip flop stepping stone I still have in my flower garden, today it is a freeskate program my daughter performs on the ice wearing a skating dress I designed and sewed for her

or a new model railroad layout my son is working on.

Today I am still not an artist, but I strive to become creative and find it challenging.

After watching and listening to clips in this unit I see my narrow view of art when I was younger.  I now see art connecting and transforming to ones environment.  As the connections are made your imagination grows. I see this imagination leading to a slow hunch or a little hunch and it grows to a bigger hunch.  They then collide and become an idea.  Ideas are only limited by ones imagination; however, without a space to nurture imagination it is difficult for a creative environment to grow.

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