Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daily Creates

This unit I managed to complete 2 daily creates

Two Most Mismatched Socks #tcsc828 

Never thought I would actually have any type of thought process go through my head on this one, but......  So once I start looking through my socks, which I NEVER give any thought to I went "hmmmmm what represents me?"  The left sock is my daily footwear for work and the right sock is my as soon as I walk in the door comfort zone - toasty and warm.

Book Spine Story #tdc835

This daily create intrigued me and I know it should be only about 20 minutes to complete, but the thought process was at least 3 days for me.  What did I want to tell?  How would the order of the books change my story?

After several drives home from work I decided to tell a story about my daughter.  I went to her bookshelf to see what stood out the most.  What I found interesting is her bookshelf is almost all figure skating (her Kindle will tell a whole different story).

Second Mark, Frozen in Time, Raising a Competitive Figure Skater, The Present.

The Second Mark a skater gets in a competition will never change and can really impact a skaters future.  It is Frozen in Time.  Raising a Competitive Figure Skater is currently a huge part The Present.

I have found daily creates make me think outside the box of my everyday activities.

Say it like the peanut butter assignment

Oh my I think I  have fallen again for "did you know gullible is not in the dictionary?" phrase again.  I kept looking at the title and thinking how does this title connect to the assignment for most of the day and when I decided to do a search on the title it hit me like a brick over the head.

So I created my first ever animated GIF using imgflip.  Wow how easy it was create from a YouTube video my son had created over the weekend.  I did not take a scene from a movie as the directions in the activity asked for.  Instead I decided to tell the story of our spring - snow banks and snow days.